8-Year Award Winner of Vancouver's BEST Bridal Store

Consumer Choice Award

We are proud to serve Lower Mainland since 2005 in providing the best selection of wedding dresses.
Mia Boutique has been a eight-year recipient of the Consumer Choice Award (2017 - 2024) in the category of Bridal Store in Vancouver region.

Lovely Reviews from Our Brides

"This boutique is amazing! I had such a great experience!
I had something in mind for my wedding dress but couldn't put my finger on exactly what I wanted (and was started to get a bit worried that I wouldn't find it), but I came here and found SO many dresses that I could picture myself walking down the isle in!
They listened to my "dream in my head" and made me feel so special - excellent service and attention to detail on their part!

Also, the Rosa Clara collection is beautiful - elegant and exquisite details - dresses I had never seen in any other boutique!
I said YES to the dress here and I can't WAIT to pick it up!

- Emily McClure

"I find that less is better from my dress shopping experience. Although Mia Boutique is a smaller sized compared to other bridal boutiques, each dress is carefully picked by the owner. I had the best shopping experience here as I wasn't overwhelmed with choices, while I liked every dress I tried on.

I also like how they actually have a sample for you to try on for every picture posted on their website. I find that most shop would post many styles on their website but they are usually not available when you visit the shop.

There were many compliments for the two dresses I bought from Mia Boutique. Thank you to Ella and Vivian again for helping me to pick my dresses!

- Christie Chan

"I bought my wedding dress from Mia Boutique in May and have been so pleased with the quality of service!
I came in looking for a dress that I needed in just a few months and the ladies at Mia Boutique were so accommodating, kind and respectful. They helped me to find the perfect dress in my budget and they even managed to make the alterations work with my wedding timeline.

Overall it was a fantastic experience and would 10/10 recommend them to all future brides.

- Nolita Kay

"I had such a wonderful experience at this beautiful boutique.

Vivian and Ella are so sweet and accommodating. Not for one moment did I feel rushed or pressured. They gave great feedback and advice but also a lot of space to deliberate and decide. I was very torn between 2 dresses and had an emotional moment with the dress that fulfilled that innocent little girl bridal vision, but ultimately it was not the dress I knew I wanted to spend my wedding day IN. So I took a moment and left for a half hour to clear my head. They were very understanding and encouraging to take my time. I came back in 30 minutes and bought THE dress and got genuine hugs from Ella.

Go to this place and enjoy the experience. You will not regret it!!

- Chloe Krolak

"Small shop with a big heart!

We went thru various wedding shops, and my fiancé finally found her dream dress in this little gem located at the heart of Steveston village. Vivian is patient, customer oriented, and all around wonderful. Experiencing such amazing customer service while making a once in a life time purchase is truly phenomenal.

We both thank Vivian and Mia Boutique for making this shopping experience unforgettable!

- Bruce Lau

"If you're looking for a wedding dress, definitely check out Mia Boutique.

Don't be fooled-- they're a small boutique shop but they had a great variety of wedding dresses to choose from! Their prices were also quite reasonable compared to other wedding dress stores I had visited. Highly recommend checking their sales section on their website (I definitely appreciated being able to check their sale section online before my in-person appointment, and they post their sale prices as well, which not many wedding dress stores do)-- this is how I ended up finding my wedding dress :).

The staff were also super friendly and helpful during the whole process! Highly recommend!

- Anika O.

"I had the most amazing experience at Mia's Bridal store.

From the professionals who were assisting me to the dresses I tried, and the one I chose, everything was unforgettable to make my big dream day special. How clean the store is, the collection of dresses, from mother-in-law, mother and bridal, it is absolutely stunning.

For every event I have to go, I know I will have the most beautiful dress because I will find at Mia's store.

- Grace Kelly Santos

"I highly recommend Mia Boutique, great service and so many dresses to chose from.

I was looking for a dress for my daughter’s wedding in July and found that most bridal shops no longer carry suitable “mother of the bride” dresses. I was so happy to see that Mia Boutique had a large selection of evening dresses one more beautiful than the other. I found my dress and am so exited to wear it!

Thank you so much Vivian for you help and patience.

- Maria Mannella

"Owner Ella has a beautiful and diverse selection of dresses, carrying brands I did not find at other stores.

A few months after my initial visit I returned to Mia Boutique and found my wedding gown, so I was glad I checked in again for new arrivals. Vivian is always courteous & helpful during try-ons.
Alterations by Djamila were excellent as she understands body shape and her work is very precise.

Would highly recommend them!

- Wei Lyn Mak

"Special thanks to Ella, Vivian and Djamila for the wedding dress and evening dress. The service was AWESOME and the dresses are beautiful and high quality!!

Ella and Vivian were super friendly and professional since the first time I visited store. Due to COVID-19, while everything was stressful and unprecedented, Mia Boutique still provided me with high-quality service. They are patient, responsive, and understanding.

Everything came right on time and Djamila did fabulous alterations!!

It's a store that you should trust and always go back :)

- Mona Bai

"I just left Mia Boutique—and so deeply impressed!

I’m marrying in a few days, and due to COVID-19 lockdown, my original dress has gotten lost in shipment. Stressed. Heartbroken. I began frantically calling bridal stores in the area, leaving messages. No one is available.

But as luck would have it, the owner of Mia Boutique called me back. She listened to my story, understanding what I was need in a dress, my budget, and compassionate to my circumstance.

She said working in my budget might not have very ornate options available; but she was willing to do her best.

I arrived at the beautiful store, which faces the ocean. The location is very scenic and calming.

Entering the boutique: it’s modern, chic, and very high attention to detail. The owner is so kind, especially in person!

She pulled certain dresses from her collection. And each one, was astonishing! I knew I would definitely find my dress here. The last piece she pulled out, I couldn’t take my eyes off of. My heart was calling me to it.

The owner set them all up in a dressing room for me. Explained about some of the dresses, and left me to try them on.

It’s true. Trying on a wedding dress brings to the surface many emotions. So many heartfelt and cherished ones. I tried on that dress which caught my eye, and when it was fully on, my soul felt right with it. This was it! This is the dress!

The owner looked satisfied as much as I did. You begin to realize, walking down the aisle in a wedding dress is so much more than its aesthetic. It helps tell a story: of the craftsmanship, the journey to find the right one for that special forever moment, including the story of those who all collaborated to make your wedding day memorable.

I will never forget you Mia Boutique. Your kindness, compassion, and willingness to help—especially during these uncertain times of COVID-19—will forever be with me and our lives! Thank you for saving our wedding day!

- Lianna T.

Tailoring & Alteration

The right fit is the key to a great look.

We offer full service of tailoring and alterations. Our professional and experienced seamstress will help you with all tailoring and alterations as needed to make your dress fit perfectly.
Feel free to inquire any custom changes or remodelling of the style to make your dress unique.